For Attorneys

From market analysis to placement

We assess your skills and goals and explain what you can expect in this competitive landscape and recruiting cycle. We coach on presentation, resumes, and interviewing to make sure you look good in front of your prospective employer. You will learn what is within your control (and what is not), what to highlight (or minimize), and how. We know what works and will be there with you every step of the way. When we are not working on an active search with you, we can provide coaching services on an hourly basis upon special request.

Practice Areas

Antitrust, banking, cloud, commercial, compliance, corporate, e-commerce, employment, energy, FDA, fintech, hardware, international, licensing, litigation, M&A, media, operations, patent, payments, privacy, product, real estate, regulatory, software/SaaS, trademark (branding), technology transactions, and other areas of expertise.

Search Locations

Locations include US, Canada, Europe, and Greater China.